Auxiliary Diesel Generating Sets

Lindenberg’s auxiliary Diesel generating sets are available from an output range of 30 kWe up to 2,500 kWe. The engines and generators applied are manufactured in Europe, Japan and the USA.
The auxiliary Diesel generating sets made by Lindenberg-Anlagen meet all requirements of the IACS classification societies. We help to protect the environment by using engines in our auxiliary Diesel generating sets that correspond to the high requirements of the IMO II exhaust gas standard although this is not demanded by the classification societies. The switchboards, control systems, charging devices, silencers, and base frames required for Lindenberg‘s auxiliary Diesel generating sets are manufactured by ourselves in order to come up to the high quality standards of our customers.
We offer the online ancillary Diesel generating sets produced by Lindenberg-Anlagen also with machinery housings and noise protection for indoor and outdoor operation.


          Driven by John Deere engines
Output: 30 to 160 kWe

          Driven by MAN engines
Output: 100 to 590 kWe

          Driven by Scania engines
Output:  150to 489 kWe

          Driven by Baudouin engines
Output: 500 to 690 kWe

          Driven by Mitsubishi engines
Output: 500 to 1,600kWe

          Driven by MTU engines
Output:  500 to 2,500 kWe

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