Scanjet Group is a leading global supplier of tank cleaning equipment and solutions for any marine, offshore and industrial application. Scanjet designs and produces a range of fixed and portable tank cleaning equipment, marine protection systems, high level overfill alarms, vapour emission control systems, tank level gauging equipment and Scanvent P/V valves. We also provide industrial, offshore and marine engineering design services.


With more than 50 years’ experience, we have been involved in the business of tank cleaning from the supply of sophisticated tank cleaning systems for ships to the engineering and design of systems for industrial industries, such as sanitary, food & beverage, transport, energy and pulp & paper.


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Scanvent High Velocity P/V Valves


The Mark IV SuperGreen high velocity valve is the result of dedicated research into creating the ideal compromise between loss of tank vapour and non-oscillating behavior, all in a simple package that appeals to low maintenance.

It features a combination of magnet power and air breaks, which are unique and patent applied for. It is truly non-oscillating as it complies with the two second no-metal-to-metal contact definition from ISO 15364:2007.

At the same time it does not emit tank vapour to atmosphere unless the set-pressure is reached, at which point it will only emit excess pressure, unless a true emergency is happening when the primary full capacity unit will open.

INTERANKO and others have estimated the VOC loss on the crude carrier to equal 0.25% of the cargo. The Mark IV SuperGreen can reduce VOC loss for all practical purposes to nil during voyage.

The vent features two discs: a small weight loaded one for thermal variations during voyage and full flow valve for use during loading and special occasions.



Complies with the Marine Equipment Directive Amendment 9 (EN 12874/ISO 15364:2007 and ISO 16852)

Approved for long vent pipes as non-oscillating (2 second requirement)

Free from any blow-down during voyage, i.e., ideal VOC Management Plan contribution

Only one moving part

Simple, rigid design and construction

Low maintenance cost – maintenance done by crew onboard

Full bore clearance through valve body



Inland tankers

Crude oil carriers



Dowloands - Brochure

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